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Further information and form

Please read carefully and only proceed to the Questionnaire and form (link at the bottom of the page) if you have an idea for an activity that is in line with the Servas philosophy and ethos and which you would like to submit to the Servas Ideas Laboratory.

Thank you!

  1. What ideas do you have for member participation that would meet the community standards of Servas?
  2. Please provide your assessment of the benefits to Servas.
  3. Please provide your assessment of risks and the appropriate measures to mitigate them. 
  4. Please present your thoughts/ideas on the best way to implement those ideas. Which Servas member group or committee would be the appropriate sponsor for the activity? What kind of support may be needed to ensure continued success?

By sharing your thoughts about the benefits, the risk assessment and safety measures, and ideas for implementation, you can contribute to creating an enjoyable peace activity in a safe environment for everyone involved.

We will collect what you send to us and upload it on in the form of a Directory of Servas Project Ideas. This Directory will be periodically updated, as necessary. We expect that if projects take off, they will eventually show up in the events pages.  

Here are some projects and volunteering opportunities have already that have already been implemented by some Servas Groups or Committees:

  • Volunteer, for some days, with a local social, environmental or human rights project known to the host.
  • Consider asking for a language learning experience with a focus. For example, an interest in music, art, dancing, the environment, helping with a community event.
  • Linking a traveller with a local peace, human rights or environmental organisation.
  • Exchanging ideas and helping out, between hosts and traveller who share an interest, skill or profession.
  • Host families offering a language experience in exchange for learning the traveller’s own language and culture.
  • Volunteering: e.g. in local projects known to the host, at a community event, help during harvest time. These could be for a few days through to a more extended stay. Highlight what skills, experience or interests a traveller might need to bring.

Good luck with completing the questionnaire!

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