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How to join Servas

Interested in joining Servas?

That's great and we look forward to meeting you, but please read the following information carefully before completing the application form.

Membership is open to anyone aged 18 and above who shares our ethos and values and agrees to be bound by the statement to members contained in our Ethical Code for Servas Members.

The application process requests personal information from you that contributes to building your profile. You will have limited access to your profile as soon as you submit your application. You will NOT have access to other members' profiles at that stage. Nor will you be able to search for hosts. Your privacy and your rights regarding your personal data are important to us. Please read our Privacy policy.

By completing your application you agree to our Terms of use which provide the legal basis for your use of the website whenever you log in as a member of Servas.

Application process

In general, the application process follows these five steps:

STEP 1.Select your country from the drop-down list below and click the join button.
STEP 2.Complete the application form and submit it (note some countries use an application form on their own website).
STEP 3.A Servas representative from your Servas Group (an administrative group of one or more countries) will contact you to arrange an interview. Usually this takes place in person, but it can also take place online.
STEP 4. Pay any membership fees, as required by that Servas Group.
STEP 5.Once the Servas Group has accepted your application and you have paid the fee, you will be able to log into this website (servas.org) as a full member and complete your profile.

Start your application. Select your country below:

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