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Travelling with Servas

Connect with the world in a different way

Servas offers a unique opportunity for travellers seeking genuine connections with people from around the globe. By joining the Servas community, you'll open doors to enriching experiences and meaningful encounters.

Staying with Servas hosts provides a deeper insight into the places you visit and allows you to forge authentic connections with the local community. During your stay, you'll have the chance to involve yourself in their daily lives and gather tips and inside information on what to see and where to eat. You can share experiences and enjoy conversations that acknowledge our differences and recognise our shared humanity.

Servas is a special way of seeing the world as a place where there are no strangers.

Servas embodies the belief that the world is a place where everyone is welcome. Our diverse community of travellers spans all ages and backgrounds, from seasoned globetrotters to those embarking on their first international adventures. What we have in common is a curiosity and a willingness to encounter other cultures with an open mind. 

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Joining Servas isn't just about travelling the world – it's about fostering understanding and promoting peace through the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences. Together, as travellers and hosts, we embrace our differences and contribute to a more harmonious and sustainable world.

Travelling sustainably

Travelling to distant countries is a great privilege and one that is available to more and more people around the world. But we are increasingly aware of the impact that this privilege has on the environment. We do have to connect with the world in a different way. Tourism and international travel contribute enormously to the economies of many countries but we can act to reduce or counter the negative consequences.

We have produced a list of tips to help you do this and, in our Links page, you can find other websites with information that you may find helpful.

Sustainable travel tips

Women travelling alone

(Servas International video)

We approached several female members of Servas to share their experiences of solo travel. Here's what they had to say. The video was showcased at the Servas International Conference and General Assembly in Panchgani, India, in November 2023.

You can also read the stories told by two members about their experiences as women travelling alone and the support they found through the Servas network.

Women travelling with Servas

Information for travellers

When a traveller stays with a Servas host, no money is exchanged, but the hospitality provided is given personally by the host and the traveller should show appreciation by observing agreed procedures and conduct.

We have compiled a page of guidance for travellers that explains in detail requirements such as creating your Servas profile, finding and contacting a host, and expectations around a Servas stay.

Information for travellers

Ethical Code for Servas Members

Travellers and hosts join Servas with a shared belief in treating others with tolerance and understanding. By sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge, we can contribute to building a more peaceful world. Our key values are caring for people and the planet.

The Ethical Code for Servas Members has been written with the purpose of ensuring Servas members understand and agree with the vision, mission and values of Servas.

Ethical Code for Servas Members

Join Servas

If you are interested in travelling with Servas, find out how you can become a member.

How to join Servas

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