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Servas is a non-profit organisation with an established history providing contacts and support across the world to travellers and hosts of all ages and nationalities. It is entirely run by volunteers and largely financed by membership fees. Nevertheless, we depend on donations to strengthen our finances and make it possible to expand and develop our activities in support of a more peaceful world.

Any contribution you can make will go towards improving our website and IT infrastructure and building a more effective network that is crucial to our purpose and ethos.

To donate

You may make a donation in Euros (EUR). Click the button below to make your donation.

We use Stripe as our donation payment processor. Stripe will accept your payment made with credit cards or Apple Pay and transfer the money to Servas International.

All transactions are protected by secure encryption and we will never store your card details.


Special instructions for those who live in the Eurozone, or for those who plan to donate more than the equivalent of US $1,500:

  • If you live in the Eurozone, it will save money if you make a direct transfer using our IBAN.
  • Large donations from outside the Eurozone are cheaper if done by wire transfer. 

If you fall into either category, please contact us for instructions.

Thank you for your support.

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