SI Exco

President: Jonny Sågänger

Vice-President: Ann Greenhough

Treasurer: William D’Souza

Host List Coordinator: Pablo Colangelo

General Secretary: Penny Pattison

Peace Secretary: Danielle Serres

L V Subramanian was replaced by William D’Souza on February 1st 2017. L V Subramanian told SI Exco in August 2016 that he would be resigning for personal reasons. LV continued as SI Treasurer and was been active in the search for a new treasurer and to ensure a smooth handover to the new treasurer.

Top: Danielle Serres, Ann Greenhough,  Jonny Sågänger
Bottom: William D’Souza ,Pablo Colangelo, Penny Pattison



SI Statutes 2012