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Note: This page is reserved for international Servas meetings. National meetings are not included.

2016 September 30 – October 2: US Servas North American Regional Conference, Portland Oregon

The theme is "Putting the Serve Back in Servas".

The conference program includes Keynote Speaker, Rita Golden Gelman, author of Tales of a Female Nomad, Living at Large in the World. Other program highlights — Using MeetUps to promote Servas; Using Technology in Travel; Women’s Travel Tips; Introducing Partner Organizations.

For more information, see the US Servas website at: https://usservas.org/webform/2016-us-servas-conference-annual-membership-meeting

2016 September 30 - October 2 East Asia Servas Area Meeting, Buyeo City, Korean

Application deadline: July 31, 2016 Cost: US$300.
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For more information, contact eameeting.2016@gmail.com

2016 September 16 - 18 : Servas Germany, Ruhr Region meeting

Welcome Information
Registration Form

Thank you for the great interest in our meeting in the Ruhr area. All the places went really quickly and we’re completely booked up (with waiting list).
But we’d like to invite everyone who can’t be at the meeting to come and discover the Ruhr area at some other time.
We’re always happy to hear from you. Just get in touch with us: servas-ruhrgebiet@gmx.de
Kind regards,
Heinz and Claudia Miebach
(on behalf of the hosts in the Ruhr area)

2016 September 9-14: Servas International trekking in the Pyrenees, La Seu d'Urgell (Andorra)

In Spain, France and Andorra, for everybody who likes mountain and trekking. 
More information: gallipont@gmail.com

2016 September 3 - 7 Servas Italy International in Apulia "Nature, Culture and Italian Flavours"

60 places for people aged 18-30 years; Registration deadline: May 31, 2016; Cost: 180 Euros per person


2016 August 24-31: Servas Sweden "Welcome to Sweden".

The event is fully booked with 30 participants coming from various countries.
More information: servasuppsala@gmail.com

2016 August 21-28: Servas International Summer Camp 2016, Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz

For youth and families. More information: servasjovenes@gmail.com      gallipont@gmail.com

2016 July 29-31: Servas South East Asia Regional Meeting, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

SEA meeting July 2016 Information

2016 July 20-25: Servas Romania Summer camp for Youth and families with children

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2016 July 6 - 16 Servas Turkey 8th 'Live with us Share with us' (Peace School)

Live with us Share with us Information
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2016 July 1-7: Servas Italy Sentierinsieme (Pathways)


2016 June 2-4: SERVAS BY BIKE 2016 (Peace Riding along the Adriatic Sea, Ravenna & Rimini, Italy)

Preliminary program (Bike_2016_PRELIMINARY_program.pdf)
Complete information (http://www.servas.it/tiki-index.php?page=Servas+in+bici+-+Servas+by+bike) Past events and meetings