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SIGA Elections

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One of the important tasks of the General Assembly is the election of SI Officers and Committees.
Elections consists of voting for six members of the SI Executive Committee (Exco), a Distant Vote Administrator and members for the three committees: Development Committee, Youth and Families Committee and Audit Committee.


The candidates are listed in an overview on along with the forms they have filled in to present themselves. 
Delegates (and their helpers) can use the overview to review the candidates and decide whom to vote for.

Election timetable

Elections take place during the SIGA sessions. Nominations from the floor will be closed 25 Nov at 12.30 and online voting will start at 14.30. Elections voting will end 26 Nov at 08.00 (all times are India Standard Time). In case of re-election, it will take place 26 Nov. Use the links on the SIGA Timetable to follow the SIGA sessions online in Teams ​(opens in a new window).

How to vote in elections

Delegates will cast their votes using links to online voting forms. Delegates will receive an email notification. The online voting means that a registered delegate can vote from any location and does not have to be present at the SIGA. They do, however, have to be on time.


The Elections Procedure, Procedure for Proxy Voting, Job Descriptions, and Nominations Procedure and Guidelines are included on