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The 4th Servas East Asia online meeting - Mongolia Nomad Life - 2022-Jul-30

Dear Servas members worldwide, 

Greetings from Taiwan and East Asia!!! 

I hope this email finds you and your loved ones well.

Time is flying! It's time to announce the 4th Servas East Asia online meeting - Mongolia Nomad Life - is open for registration. The East Asian NS's are honored and more than happy to invite you to join us and have cultural exchange with Servas members worldwide. This registration link is 

1. Meeting theme: Mongolia Nomad Life

See Mongolia's traditional and mordern Life!!! How to build a ger, mogolia's traditional house/tent? Do they still live in gers? How do kids celebrate their birthdays in the steppe? How does the young generation mix traditional horsehead fiddle to elctronical music? Welcome to invite your family and kids to sit in front of the computer/mobilephone and enjoy this meeting with you!!!

Experience Mongolia a little bit through music here.

2. Dress code: your traditional dress

3. Date & Time:2022-Jul-30 (Sat.)

15:00~17:00 (Japan/Korea time, UTC+9:00)
14:00~16:00 (China/Hong Kong/Mongolia/Taiwan time, UTC+8:00)
06:00~08:00 (UTC time)
07:00~09:00 (London time, UTC+1:00)
02:00~04:00 (New York time, UTC-4:00)

4. Registration expiration:2022-Jul-23 

First come, first reserved. It's better to register NOW!!!  Any questions you can contact us by email:  If you didn't join the previous East Asia Onling Meetings, you can watch them here. 

Look forward to meeting you online soon. 

Best regards

Mei Wang

Area Coordinator of Servas East Asia

Honorary Chairman of Servas Taiwan