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1st Mediterranean Sea Online Meeting Masks and Costumes in Israel – Purim Holiday

1st Mediterranean Sea Online Meeting - Masks and Costumes in Israel – Purim Holiday  

May 8, 2022

       We are very pleased to announce that the 1st Servas Mediterranean Sea online meeting is open for registration - maximum 100 participants.  We invite you to join us and  have a cultural exchange with Servas members worldwide.

        Registration expiration2022-April-30. 

        The registration link is:


Servas Israel International Online Meeting – May 8, 2022

               Masks and Costumes in Israel - Purim Holiday

              Agenda: (London, UTC+0 time) Private Recording during Meeting strictly forbidden.

11:00 – 11:15 Welcome - Introduction of Participants – Claudia Sagie, Nirit Harel
11.15 – 11:45 Background – History and Traditions of Purim holiday – Nirit Harel, Shulamit Ashkenazi
11:45 – 12:15 presentations:

  • Servas Israel Artists met and created Purim holiday masks, February 2022 –- Shulamit Ashkenazi
  • Nature walk after the workshop to see the spring flowers - Shosh Cohen Yitzhaki, Avi Cohen
  • Purim costumes / Parades filmed during Purim holiday, March 2022 –  Shaul Yosefon, Claudia Sagie
  • Nature disguises itself in Israel in the spring – Pnina Zimmerman

12:15– 12:45 Group discussions – Traditional Masks and Costumes in participants’ countries (with masks, costumes or photos)
​​​​​​​12:45 – 13:00 Closing and feedback (as time allows)


Date & Time:2022-May-08 (Sunday)
20:00~22:00 (Japan/Korea time, UTC+9:00)
19:00~21:00 (China/Hong Kong/Mongolia/Taiwan time, UTC+8:00)
11:00~13:00 (London time, UTC+0:00)
06:00~08:00 (New York time, UTC-5:00)

First come, first reserved so register NOW!!!  Contact us by email:    

Looking forward to meeting you online soon.

Best regards,
Claudia Sagie
National Secretary of Servas Israel