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“The accreditation for Servas representatives at the United Nations is annual, and we are starting this new year with some new people,” says Danielle Serres, coordinator of Servas International’s representation at the United Nations. Her official United Nations title is Chief Administrative Officer. Danielle Serres is also Servas representative in Geneva.

The new representatives are Gopal Rajan (Servas USA), Martin Henner (Servas USA), René Steimer (Servas Switzerland) and Mauro Pellegrino (Servas Italy), who recently joined the United Nations team.

“We hope for a positive, energetic and cooperative year for all of us representing Servas International at the UN in New York City, Geneva and Vienna,” says Danielle Serres.

Since 1973 Servas International (SI) has had consultative status as an international NGO (non- governmental organisation) with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at the United Nations. The consultative status makes it possible for SI to be active at the United Nations in New York City in USA, Geneva in Switzerland and Vienna in Austria.

 The Servas International representatives at the United Nations attend sessions, help Servas members wanting to visit UN venues, give out information about United Nations principles and activities, co-sign joint NGO statements, and at times are able to deliver written or oral declaration on behalf of Servas. They are also able to organise side events on different issues.

The Servas International representatives with the United Nations are:

New York City: Jeanne Devine, Fanny Bello, Gopal Rajan and Brita Schmitz

Geneva: Daniela Doenges, Lorette Dubout, Martin Henner, René Steimer, Mauro Pellegrino and Danielle Serres

Vienna: Angelika Hofmann, Benjamin Zucali and Mauro Pellegrino

You can find individual presentations from the representatives on the Servas website at:



UN ECOSOC is the only main United Nations body with a formal framework for NGO participation. NGOs may contribute to a number of activities, including circulating information, awareness raising, development education, policy advocacy, joint projects, and in contributing services and technical expertise.