Peace and understanding
through travel and hosting
Michel showed Helga Cuba

After 32 years of traveling and hosting with Servas I had the pleasure of meeting with Michel, the first Servas day host in Habana, Cuba, in February 2017. Not only did he show me the sights of historic Habana, he gave me a deep insight into what life in Cuba is about these days. As a young boy he had still experienced better living conditions before the collapse of socialist economic partners in Eastern Europe. I accompanied him picking up his monthly ration of chicken, about a pound. Nevertheless he would never leave Cuba, because family and making friends is more important to him than material conditions as long as there is a roof and food – preferably to share with others. I met the people around him, he has a literally open door and soon all neighbours integrated me as well.

Go and see for yourself! Michel will soon have found more Servas members that will make you feel at home in Cuba. Servas ideas seem to be a way of life in Cuba!

Helga Merkelbach

Servas host in Bremen, Germany