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Artworks show in Haifa
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Claudia Sagie
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Under a Servas Israel initiative to create groups with common interests, the first group to come together is an artists group. On 11 March 2017, an exhibition at Studico, Castra Center, Haifa gave 15 Servas Israel members a chance to show their paintings, photographs, dolls, ceramics, quilts, wire sculptures, and wood, leather and recycled tyre works, and talk about the process of creating them. The group will continue to meet and create joint work of arts.

After the exhibition, the Servas Israel annual assembly was held, with thanks to the volunteers who contribute to Servas Israel activities and its day-to-day management, and congratulations to new Board and Audit members. There was also thanks to the organizers of a guided tour to the Carmel mountain range the day before. Visiting two Druze villages, Osafia and Daliat Al Carmel, the Druze guide talked about the life of the Druze, and the history of the coexistence between Druze and Jews. The activity is part of Servas Israel’s contribution to coexistence and friendship between the various ethnic groups living in Israel.

Claudia Sagie, National Secretary

Servas Israel

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Dalia Sne and her husband Shimon. Painting on wood and canvas, Dalia brings new life and colour to old items like a chair, a table or a tray.

On a visit to Australia and New Zealand, a Servas host took Sylvia Lippa to a puppet-making class.  Once back home Sylvia got some books and taught herself to make puppets. Her special favourite is the old woman puppet.

Inspired by the Chinese Year of the Rooster, Galina Kherkon created colourful roosters from mosaics made of fragments of china.

Lavana Koplik found the process of painting both complex and liberating when she completed a portrait of her mother, started many years ago, by later bringing her father into the picture.