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Servas Turkyie & Servas Peace School Solidarity Meeting



Greetings from Turkiye

As many of you know, Turkiye has been hit by two massive earthquakes on Feb 6th, which affected 10 major cities, knocking down  thousands of buildings, ending more than 40 thousand lives, leaving hundreds thousands injured, homeless and devastated…. Unfortunately Servas Turkiye lost one member during the earthquake and many members got affected by the earthquake.  It also hit the Ekinci Village in Antakya where Servas Peace School has been held for  the last 15 years with the support of the families and many Servas volunteers each year.

We are inviting you to join “Servas Turkiye & Peace School Solidarity Meeting” where we will gather with Servas Members From The Area, Peace School Volunteers, Children and Families  at a Zoom Meeting to build hope and solidarity for the future of the Servas In the Region and Servas Peace School!

Please click on the link and register and don't forget to add it to your calendar 


Best wishes
Gulsen Elyak 

Servas Turkey National Secretary

SI IAC Member