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Servas Youth International Virtual Meeting on Women's Day

With this post we would like to tell a wonderful experience that took place on March 14. It was attended by a large number of young Servas present in different corners of the world.

For some months now, attempts have been made to organize an international meeting with the aim of getting to know each other and reflecting together on some important issues.

In this particular period, it is increasingly difficult to meet in person, to keep in touch and make new connections. so, we have thought of the online mode.

As it is the month of March, Servas Giovani Italia in collaboration with some young people from different countries, thought of concentrating on Women's Day by analysing both the origins and traditions of this day, and focusing on the situation of women in different countries.

On March 14 we held a Servas International Youth Meeting, on Zoom Platform.

Among the interventions made we have Servas Italia with the presentation of Giulia who presented the history and traditions linked to this day in Italy, telling through historical points and photos the different stages of the feminist movement in this country. In Italy, the tradition is to give women a mimosa, certainly remembering that this is not just a party but the goal of hard work over the years and that it is important to continue both in the present and in the future.

The evening continued with a video presentation by Maggie and Prossy, Servas Uganda. The video is about a group of work and mutual support that was created among the women of the neighborhood who, seeing this particular period, decided to create a network and understand what their contribution could be. In the video we had the pleasure of seeing some extracts from these days and experiencing for a moment the joy that was transmitted through traditional music and dances.

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