Vote à distance

Servas International uses Distant Votes to make decisions between General Assemblies.

Distant Vote Procedure & Schedule
Proceso de Voto de Distancia y Cronograma
Distant Vote Schedule
Calendario de Voto a Distancia

The May 2016 Distant Vote was cancelled, since there were no motions submitted.

November 2016 Distant Vote
SI DV Nov 2016 Reminder/Recordatorio
SI DV Nov 2016 General Announcement
Email Mailout #1 16 Aug 2016
Email Mailout #1 16 Aug 2016 Provisional
Mailout #1 Attachment ENG
Mailout #1 Attachment ESP
Email Mailout #2 31 Aug 2016
Website and Google Group
Distant Vote Procedure
Proceso de Voto de Distancia
SI DV Nov 2016 Motions / Mociones
SI DV Nov 2016 Results / Resultados


1. Motion: To approve the 2014 Financial Statements
2014 Financial Statements 
2014 Internal Audit Report
2014 External Audit Report

2. Motion: To approve the revised 2016-2018 SI Budget
Revised 2016-2018 budget
SI Treasurer's comments

Questions and answers

SI President's reply to budget question

3. Motion: To appoint (not elect) the SI Archivist
SI Exco comments

Google Group Servas-DV-Group is a Discussion Forum for this Distant Vote.

Grupo de Google Servas –DV-Group es un Foro de Discusión para el Voto a Distancia.