About the General Assembly

Welcome to General Assembly Information Area

The Servas International Conference 2018 includes the Servas International General Assembly. This is the business part of the conference, and is where one delegate from each country participates in decision making for Servas International (SI). In this section, delegates will find all of the information necessary to actively participate in the General Assembly (GA).

The working language at the GA is English. There will be two screens, one English and one Spanish, on which volunteers will type the exact wording of anything requiring a vote, and as much of the discussion as possible.

The Delegate sessions, also called plenary sessions, are run using Roberts Rules of Order. A draft description of these rules is included in the Background material.

There is a Neutral Moderator who runs each plenary session. Speakers have voting paddles which have the flag of the country on one side, and a "?" on the other side. If a delegate does not understand what is happening, or what someone says, they raise their paddle with the "?" facing the neutral Moderator. Discussion is stopped until the delegate understands. If a delegate wishes to speak, they raise their paddle, and their country is added to the speakers list.

Photography by Youngbom Yun, Korea