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SIGA Votes


Video demo of how to vote (Thanks to Faridul Hasan Shuvo who created the video)

Vote for Motions during the meeting

Practice Vote 


Voting for Ammendments and SIGA Business Processes


SIGA22MOT1 Human earth SI Exco

SIGA22MOT2 Nominations Committee not Team SI Exco

SIGA22MOT3 Conflict resolution procedure for member groups

SIGA22MOT4 Code of ethics and behaviour

SIGA22MOT5 Standardized and universal LOI

SIGA22MOT6 Elected CRC

Vote for Elected Positions during the elections

The links become active when the elections open during the SIGA 2022 on 25 Nov at 14:30 (UTC 09:00) and closed on 26 Nov at 08:00 (UTC 02:30).

SI Exco positions 

Click on all the orange links in the tables to vote:

SI President (1)
SI Vice President (1)
SI General Secretary (1)
SI Treasurer (1)
SI Peace Secretary (1)
SI Membership and Technology Secretary (1)

SI committee and officer positions

Click the orange links in the table to vote:

SI Development Committee (5)
SI Youth and Families Committee (5)
SI Internal Audit Committee (3)
SI Distant Vote Administrator (1)
SI Nominations Committee (3-5)
SI Conflict Resolution Committee (3-5)

Training for delegates

Test Vote (go ahead, use this link if you would like to test the voting)