Past Events and Meetings


Spain Alcaraz | October, 12th (thursday) to 15th (sunday) 2017

Halfway between the mountains and the plain, enjoy with us a visit, climbing and trekking in the famous Cervante's "Don Quijote" and La Mancha region​.We will be lodged in the historic village of Alcaraz. More information in english, here.



Salvador, Bahia |  November, 2d to 5th, 2017

Servas Brazil and its Youth Commitee welcome Servas foreign visitors to its annual meeting. Salvador, the oldest capital in Brazil, is all about mouthwatering food, upbeat music, breathtaking landscapes and warm hearted people! For further information, and how to join, please send an email to



Lovina Beach, Bali | November, 25-26th, 2017

Servas Indonesia welcomes Servas foreign visitors to its annual meeting.Enjoy a performance of Bali dances and a sightseeing day tour that includes a visit to Banjar hotsprinngs and Gigit waterfall. More informations and how to register, please check here.

Let's discover diversity in Israel



Negev desert, Jerusalem, and much more | December, 17-26th 2107

Servas Israel invites you to a guided tour across Israel to see the diversity in the country, during the Holidays celebrations that include Hanukah and Christmas. You find more information here



NAGYHÖRCSÖKPUSZTA | December, 30th to January, 4th 2018

The very active Servas Youth Group invites all young Servas members (above 16yo) to a multicultural, fun party, with activities like free talkings, cultural programs, sauna everyday, tradicional hungarian games and mindblowing parties. If you wish to join, click here for more information and/or write to (Bogi Kovács)
Happy New Year!!!!!!




Prien on Chiemsee/Bavaria | September 22 to 24th, 2017

Nice Servas annual gathering at the Alpes and Adriatic region, in Germany, with guided tours and other activities.

Information in english, german and italian here.

Registration form here.


International Servas Week

All around the WORLD | September, 16 to 24th, 2017

Connecting Servas | Making connections with the world

Servas Innovation Group invites every Servas member and country to organise from 16 to 24 th september an event or more in order to spread the values of Peace, Solidarity Service, Hospitality and Understanding. We will also be preparing for the celebration of the 70th birthday of Servas in 2018.

Please write to for guidance and to include your activity in a common list of events around the world.

Check here for more information and reports from last year activities.


Servas Africa Regional Meeting


Kigufi, near lake Kivu | August 26th to 31st 2017

Participants will be debating the themes "Sustaining Servas in Africa, strengthening national nnetworks and building for the future".
For more information visit or contact


Spain, Benasque Valley, Aragoneese Pyrenees | August, 25-31st 2017



Trekking in the mountains, for medium and experienced levels. Venues in hostels and mountain cabins. For more information see here or write to :


Servas International Youth Camp

Italy, Brembana Valley (Bergamo)
From 20 to 27th august 2017. With the collaboration of Servas Spain Youth , Commitee the Servas International Youth Camp to be held  in Brembana Valley (Bergamo, Italy)
For further information and registration form, see here

USA Servas Conference "Making a Difference"


Washington DC

July 21-23 2017

More details soon at

Thailand's International Peace Action 2017

Thailand, Kohsak | July 16th, 2017

This is part of the (early) celebrations of the International Day of Peace (Sept.21st). We are going to do beach clean-up and snorkeling at Koh Sak (near Pattaya) together with a NGO called Love WildLife. Contact for more information and how to join. (



Alcocebre | july 8th to 15th 2017

Participants will stay in a camping place 50 mts from the beach. Alll activities will follow the theme "Music and Peace". For more information contact

To register:


LIVE WITH US, SHARE WITH US (Volunteers program)


Ekinci, Antioch | July 6th to 16th 2017

The whole (Servas) village welcomes the volunteers.Here, you will interact with children -  bring your games, your stories, your good mood. Language spoken is english.  Volunteers will have a couple of days free to tour around the region.More information, please contact

Sentierinsieme/Pathways together


Varaita Valley, Monviso mountain

From june, 30th to 5th july 2017. Daily excursions, trekking, sharing and partying.

Daily excursions, trekking, sharing and partying.

Servas Russia and International Bike Trip

Russia, along northern Volga coast, from Rybinsk to Yaroslavl

From June 10th to the 12th 2017. There will be a limit for 10 international Servas participants. 

For more information about the event and how to register, please see here (document attached).


Servas Cycling


Along the Isonzo valley and river, between the italian and slovenian border

1st-2nd-3rd-4th June 2017

More informations and pre-registration form

Servas Iberian Meeting


City of Oporto

29th april to 1st may 2017

further details later, will be announced on facebook page

Regional South East Asia Servas Meeting


in March 2017 contact Mr. Amin Sudarto (Servas Indonesia), further details later


Note: This page is reserved for international Servas meetings. National meetings are not included.

2016 April 29 - May 8: Servas Belgium-Luxemburg WWWak International Art Event

WWWak International Art Event Invitation
WWWak International Art Event Program
WWWak International Art Event Participation Form

2016 April 30 - May 2: Servas Spain and Portugal Iberian meeting, Caceres

More information:

2016 May 15-22: Servas Israel Water Meeting

Servas Israel is extending the deadline for registration to 15 February 2016, to allow more participants to verify possibilities and join. Write to :

Israel Water Meeting 2016
Israel Water Meeting 2016 Brochure
Israel Water Meeting 2016 Program

2016 May 21-24: Servas Argentina Cataratas Meeting

Meeting in Cataratas, everyone invited, but specially Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru
Itinerario Encuentro Servas Sudamérica 2016 CATARATAS
More information:

Note: This page is reserved for international Servas meetings. National meetings are not included.

2016 September 30 – October 2: US Servas North American Regional Conference, Portland Oregon

The theme is "Putting the Serve Back in Servas".

The conference program includes Keynote Speaker, Rita Golden Gelman, author of Tales of a Female Nomad, Living at Large in the World. Other program highlights — Using MeetUps to promote Servas; Using Technology in Travel; Women’s Travel Tips; Introducing Partner Organizations.


2016 September 30 - October 2 East Asia Servas Area Meeting, Buyeo City, Korean

Application deadline: July 31, 2016 Cost: US$300.
Meeting information
Registration Form

For more information, contact

2016 September 16 - 18 : Servas Germany, Ruhr Region meeting

Welcome Information
Registration Form

Thank you for the great interest in our meeting in the Ruhr area. All the places went really quickly and we’re completely booked up (with waiting list).
But we’d like to invite everyone who can’t be at the meeting to come and discover the Ruhr area at some other time.
We’re always happy to hear from you. Just get in touch with us:
Kind regards,
Heinz and Claudia Miebach
(on behalf of the hosts in the Ruhr area)

2016 September 9-14: Servas International trekking in the Pyrenees, La Seu d'Urgell (Andorra)

In Spain, France and Andorra, for everybody who likes mountain and trekking. 
More information:

2016 September 3 - 7 Servas Italy International in Apulia "Nature, Culture and Italian Flavours"

60 places for people aged 18-30 years; Registration deadline: May 31, 2016; Cost: 180 Euros per person


2016 August 24-31: Servas Sweden "Welcome to Sweden".

The event is fully booked with 30 participants coming from various countries.
More information:

2016 August 21-28: Servas International Summer Camp 2016, Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz

For youth and families. More information:

2016 July 29-31: Servas South East Asia Regional Meeting, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

SEA meeting July 2016 Information

2016 July 20-25: Servas Romania Summer camp for Youth and families with children

Meeting Information

2016 July 6 - 16 Servas Turkey 8th 'Live with us Share with us' (Peace School)

Live with us Share with us Information
Application form

2016 July 1-7: Servas Italy Sentierinsieme (Pathways)


2016 June 2-4: SERVAS BY BIKE 2016 (Peace Riding along the Adriatic Sea, Ravenna & Rimini, Italy)

Preliminary program (Bike_2016_PRELIMINARY_program.pdf)
Complete information (