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Welcome to the 32nd Servas International Conference
and General Assembly (SICOGA 2022)!

SICOGA 2022 is a joint venture organized by Servas International Executive Committee (SI EXCO) and Servas India with the support of the SICOGA 2022 Organizing Team.

This website is divided into two main parts reflecting SICOGA 2022: There is the Servas International General Assembly and the Servas International Conference.

The conference will be held from 22nd to 28th November 2022 at the Initiatives of Change Asia Plateau Centre, Panchgani India.


Only Servas members may attend, and registration is required. Conference registrations will be opened by the end of June. Prior to registrations opening an email will be sent to all the National Secretaries/Presidents asking them to forward this to all their members.

The cost to attend SICOGA 2022 in-person is US$720/person this includes 6 nights with breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee breaks. Attendance Virtually/Online is free but registration is required.

Bearing in mind the ecological footprint of an event such as SICOGA 2022 on the world’s environment, SI Exco will make every effort feasible in order to minimize its impact. New for SICOGA is members will be able to attend SICOGA 2022 virtually real time or watch recorded sessions. SICOGA 2022 will be run as a Hybrid (In-Person/Online) event. Virtual/Online attendees will connect using Microsoft Teams. For voting delegates, voting is being done electronically (a first for Servas International) so virtual delegate attendance is possible.

Of course there is no substitute for meeting in person so we hope you can join us in India where we shall be very happy to have you with us, sharing an enjoyable and challenging week of Servas work, together with social activities and the chance to meet old friends and new from around the world. 

We whole-heartedly welcome you to this important meeting. I'm sure we will all have an interesting, rewarding and enjoyable time together. You will get to know many new people and some of them, I'm sure, will become your lifelong friends.

We look forward to meeting you in India in November!
Jonny Sågänger SI President

On behalf of:
Servas India
SICOGA 2022 Organizing Team