La paz y la comprensión
a través de los viajes y el alojamiento


In the Servas Youth Language programmes young Servas members can improve their knowledge of a language by immersing themselves in another culture. The programmes involve them in the everyday life of their host family and local community, with hospitality offered in a spirit of generosity and cooperation.

Servas Youth Language Programmes

The Servas Youth Language programmes give young Servas members an opportunity to widen their knowledge of a language by immersing themselves in another culture. Hospitality is offered by Servas hosts and organized in the spirit of generosity and cooperation between Servas groups in different countries. The programmes involve young people in the everyday life of their host family and local community.

Servas Youth Language Experience (SYLE)

SYLE is for Servas members between 18 and 30 years old. It aims to provide opportunities for in-depth language learning and cultural awareness by living with a family while taking part in a programme which, wherever possible, is based around the visitor’s own interests. Arrangements vary from country to country but young people usually stay with one or more Servas hosts for up to one month. Participants are encouraged to explore issues around cultural difference, human rights and peace though the activities on offer during their stay. 

Junior Servas Youth Language Experience (JUNIOR SYLE)

Junior SYLE is for Servas members between 10 and 18 years old. It usually involves an exchange between young people so they can stay in each other’s homes. As the young people are not yet adults, any arrangements for a visit are agreed in advance between parents and host families. Visits usually involve a stay of two to three weeks in each country. The aim is to offer an opportunity to experience life in another country within a safe home setting with good adult support and supervision. While developing language skills, the young people also have chance to gain a greater understanding of another culture.  For more details about language programmes for young people contact the Servas Youth Team at

Servas language experience (SLE)

For Servas members over 30, there may be opportunities for a language learning stay with Servas hosts in another country (sometimes known as Servas Language Experience, SLE). There may also be opportunities to be a volunteer or have work experience in a project or organisation known to a Servas member.

If you are interested please contact for more information.