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Nominations and Elections

Servas International is currently recruiting! Please use the Candidate Form to volunteer

Feel free to contact if you have questions.


  • Do you need a volunteer?

Use the Volunteer Request Form to describe the person you need and the job you need help for in Servas International and submit the form.

Volunteer Request Form

  • Do you want to volunteer yourself?

Use the Candidate Form to describe yourself and submit the form to Servas International. If you are interested in the positions for appointment by SI Exco we will contact you shortly. If you are volunteering for an elected position, please read about nominations below.

Candidate Form (appointed and elected)

Job Descriptions

List of Servas International Positions


If you are volunteering for an elected position use the Candidate Form. You will need to be supported by other members. The details are described in the Nominations Procedure.

We request that you guide your supporters to the Support Form on this page and that they submit it as soon as possible to make your Candidate Form valid.

Nominations Procedure

Candidate Form (appointed and elected)

Support Form


Detailed information about the running of elections at the GA of Servas International is included in the Elections Procedure.

In case you can’t attend the GA personally, you can apply for a proxy to vote on your behalf. Read about it in the Proxy Procedure and apply in the form.

Delegates who will vote during the GA have to be well-prepared to be able to submit their votes. Read about how to vote in the guide.

Guide for delegates who vote in the elections at SIGA 2022 (Pending)

Elections Procedure

Proxy Procedure

Form - Apply to Vote Through a Proxy at SIGA 2022

SI Proxy Officer Decision Form

List of accepted Proxies for adoption by the GA 2022 (Pending)

Candidates for election and appointment at SIGA 2022


Results of the elections at SIGA 2022