Peace and understanding
through travel and hosting

A Servas ecological travel, from Hamburg to Tbilissi

From February to April 2022 alone by train and coach from Hamburg to საქართველოს

In the beginning, there was the pretty Georgian script that I began learning in October 2021. I renewed my profile on without any concrete travel plans yet. In this network I got to know Teona, a young Georgian who was working in Italy. We met on Zoom for language exchange, and after a couple of weeks she invited me to the home of her parents and her six siblings in Tbilisi. Since her family was always quite happy to have guests, she said I could stay in her room for as long as I wanted. That sounded great!

Would I dare to go?

3000 kilometers over land as I don't fly? Alone?

Across the whole of Turkey?

With Servas and my heart pounding: yes.

Conni, the National Secretary of Servas Germany, gave me more encouragement.

On February 2, 2022 I set off, and according to the motto, “the journey is part of the trip”, I decided to enjoy the 3000 kilometer journey as much as possible. 

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