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E-SIGA 2021

Extraordinary SI General Assembly 2021 (E-SIGA 2021)    
Compilation of documents that SI Exco has disseminated to SI member group

A. Conditional announcement about planned E-SIGA 2021 (March 31)
First announcement E-SIGA 2021

B. E-SIGA mailout#1: Reminder about planned Extraordinary SI General Assembly (E-SIGA 2021) (June 23)
E-SIGA mailout#1 210623

C1-4. E-SIGA mailout#2: Extraordinary SI General Assembly (E-SIGA) 2021 (July 5)
E-SIGA mailout#2 210704


2 Final_SI_Statutes_2021_210615


4 Draft_SI_Statutes_changes_for_E_SI_GA_2021_210602 with explanatory comments

D. E-SIGA mailout#3: Instruction & deadline to register delegate, zoom meeting details etcetera (July7)
E-SIGA mailout #3 210707

E. Questions & Answers about E-SIGA 2021/ Preguntas & Respuestas sobre E-SIGA 2021
- English
- Español