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The Voice of Servas for Global Peace

The Voice of Servas for Global Peace


What is Servas International?

Servas International is a peace organisation promoting dialogue and reconciliation through its programs. Since its founding Servas has always opposed wars on moral grounds.  Ending violence and achieving peace requires listening to each other, making accommodations, promoting exchanges, and supporting peace-committed organisations. Servas has many members, relatives, and friends worldwide who are affected by conflict - including Ukraine, Russia, Israel and Palestine, to name a few.  We care about all people.

How do we feel about the wars and the resulting violence affecting many parts of the world?

We remind ourselves of the many wars, violent conflicts and emergency crises around the world that are affecting every continent.  They all deserve our attention and comprehensive efforts to work towards peace.

 No conflict can be resolved by violence, revenge, terror, and war. Only a desire for peace, and a willingness to listen to each other and to make accommodations can ensure peace, justice, and the protection of human rights.  Only then we can have lasting peace that guarantees a life of human dignity and security for all.

 We therefore call on every country currently at war – Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Palestine and any others – to find the courage to stop the war and violence and find a way to start a meaningful dialogue for peace.


We call on all states that are currently declaring their solidarity with only one side of any conflict to come together and work with the United Nations or any other appropriate international framework for a sustainable and just solution. This is the only way to lasting peace.


December 10, 2023

International Day for Human Rights