Newly established Servas Rwanda

Servas is now a fully registered non-governmental organisation (NGO), in Rwanda working on peace. Jan Passion, a United States of America citizen, planted the seeds of Servas Rwanda during a visit to the African country. Besides core Servas activities the organization is involved in gender issues, social cohesion, men and women as partners for peace building reports Fidel Rutayisire, Servas Rwanda National Secretary. The new group is also making plans to organize a Servas African regional conference, scheduled from 26 to 31 August in Rwanda. The ambition is to host members from African countries and other parts of the world. Servas Rwanda now has approximately 50 members. The group is active in writing proposals and apply for funding. They would appreciate if you send them proposals in the areas of peace, gender and social cohesion.

You can contact Servas Rwanda via their website

Servas Rwanda member Emmanuel Nyampatsi speaking to Servas Rwanda members about inner peace.
Photo: Agnes Umutesi, Youth Coordinator of Servas Rwanda.