Peace and understanding
through travel and hosting

Message for Servas on Peace Day Sept 21, 2023


By: Dr Hamasavahini Singh, SI UN Tema Coordinator

Friends, now when we are about to celebrate  the International Peace Day this seems necessary to ask ourselves the question if we are " International " anymore, are we willing to encourage, to invite, to welcome others, our brothers and sisters on this our common property,  this earth, to visit us in our homes, in our communities, in our countries, to enjoy what we have been blessed with, our resources, our know-how, our technology, to  give them our time, our friendship, our love and affection, to make them feel at home, or we should confront ourselves with the question whether we have become more and more narrow-minded, small hearted, selfish, greedy, regional, parochial, ultra-nationalistic, war-mongering, disturbing, arrogant, violent, threatening Peace?

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