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Join!!!! The 2nd Servas Peace Forum | Servas Peace School in Turkiye

Dear Servas members worldwide,

Happy seasonal greeting to you all.

We are honored and more than happy to invite you to join the 2nd Servas Peace Forum, which will be conducted by Turkiye, presenting "Servas Peace School in Turkiye" at 12:00 UTC, Sat. 27th of May. It's been 15 years since Turkiye has run this peace school. A lot of touching stories here ( Then it was damaged by the big earthquake this Feb. However, Servas Turkiye and members from the world have a great idea to have it back even better than before. Must come and join us!!! Please register here by May. 14. 

We may arrange Spanish and youth groups for the discussion section if participants need.  

Looking forward to meeting you online.

In peace and friendship

Francisco Salomón Luna Aburto  and  Mei Wang

Servas International Peace Secretariat

"Servas International has the overarching, long-term vision of a peaceful world, and its mission is to contribute to achieving this goal."