International Servas meeting in Sweden

Servas Sweden's first organized week for travelers welcomed 31 Servas members from 11 different countries.

Some events organized for the visitors were very traditional. At a party held in a Servas host’s garden, folk music fiddlers played the nyckelharpa, a traditional music instrument. The visitors also heard a kula, the song that young milkmaids used to call the cows home from the forest. Later there were readings, games and a huge barbecue.

Other activities on the programme included:

  • A steam train trip with a picnic, and rowing and swimming in a small lake
  • A talk on Swedish history from an archaeologist
  • Sightseeing in the historic areas of Uppsala
  • A visit to a manor house and a beautiful private garden
  • Looking round, including a visit to a modern dairy farm with robotic milking machines.

The meeting was a great blend of culture, nature, history, old and new and, above all, socializing.

The idea to arrange an international meeting in Uppsala came from Servas members Manda Björling,  who has attended similar meetings in Israel and Italy, and Harley Thomas, an experienced traveller and host for many decades. They wanted to show a bit of the real Sweden and organized the meeting with the help of a group of local Servas hosts.

Servas Sweden's first international organized week for travellers took place in August 2016.

Esbjörn and Sture Hogmark introducing the traditional nyckelharpa instrument n to Italians, Scottish, Israeli and Servas members from other countries during the international meeting in Uppsala.

Photo: Jonny Sågänger