Servas at the United Nations

Servas International is an international, non-governmental, multicultural peace association run by volunteers in over 100 countries. Founded in 1949 by Bob Luitweiler as a peace movement, Servas International is a non-profit organization working (NGO) to build understanding, tolerance and world peace, and in 1973 was granted consultative status at ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) at the United Nations.

ECOSOC is the only main UN body with a formal framework for NGO participation. NGOs may contribute to a number of activities, including circulating information, awareness raising, development education, policy advocacy, joint projects, and in the contribution of services and technical expertise.

Our representatives in New York City, Vienna and Geneva attend sessions, help Servas members willing to visit UN venues, give out information about United Nations principles and activities, co-sign joint NGOs statements, and at times are able to deliver written or oral declaration on behalf of Servas.

Human Rights Council (HRC) 33rd Session, September 13 to 30, 2016

Servas International (SI) participated in the HRC 33rd session in Geneva. Representatives attended meetings of the HRC and relevant side events, actively engaging for our peace mission, particularly with regard to the elimination of all forms of racism and xenophobia. To this end SI had submitted a written statement on the topic The urgent need to implement the Durban Declaration and Program of Actions (DDPA), which is part of the official documentation of the UN and can be found under the title A/HRC/33/NGO/144

A special highlight was the possibility for our representatives to attend the 4th Edition of the Geneva Peace Talks, under the theme “Peace Happens!” at the occasion of the International Peace Day on September 21, highlighting that everyone can contribute to peace. Speakers coming from diverse backgrounds shared their personal experiences, stories and ideas to highlight that everyone can contribute to peace – be it at home or in a far-away conflict zone. The Peace Talks symbolically stand for a Geneva spirit to resolve conflict through dialogue and negotiation.

In the picture Daniela Doenges, Servas France member and SI Main Representative to the UNOG, Danielle Serres, Servas France member and SI Peace Secretary, and Margaret Seelig, former Servas Britain National Peace Secretary (from left to right).


In the entrance hall of the UN, an impressive exhibition by Terre des Hommes on “Children’s Rights and the Environment” attracted our attention. The exhibition conveyed children’s views on their rights and the environment, on the occasion of the UN Committee on the rights of the child day of general discussion.

On September 23rd, we were joined by Christoph Kuhn, Servas Switzerland National Secretary and SI additional representative to the UNOG.


We even crossed the path of Evo Morales, from Bolivia, defender of the “Tierra Madre”! Besides the sessions held in the HRC meeting room (famous Room XX) regarding countries Universal Periodic Review (UPR) where human rights situation are under scrutiny, there were as usual many side-events/panels organized by countries Permanent missions and/or NGOs, including Civicus, Human Rights Watch, ISMUN, FIDH, ect.

Some of the topics included Human Rights Defenders situation in African countries or in the Gulf region, the role of civil society, occupation and humanitarian law/human rights, racism and islamophobia. Regarding the latter Daniela Doenges was invited to hold a presentation during a panel titled “Montée de l’islamophobie politique – quels dangers”, during which she warned about the growing gap between cultures and stressed the urgent need of dialogue and encounter.

As an organization aiming to build peace through understanding among people, Servas International was able to make its voice heard on several occasions. We spread the word about Servas and met many interesting people along the way. Active participation in sessions of the Human Rights Council is a great way to have our message heard. Anybody interested in attending a session and/or supporting our team should write to Danielle Serres,

A project is to organize a side-event/panel during next HRC Session in March 2017. It would be good to have a young Servas intern willing to learn more about the UN and human rights while helping for a few weeks to make it happen!

The 66th UN DPI/NGO CONFERENCE, Gyeongju, Republic of Korea

Each year we aim to have Servas representatives attending the annual UN DPI/NGO conference. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet with other international NGOs recognized by the UN. And of course to link with them and give visibility to Servas on the international scene.

This year, Servas Korea members will attend and represent Servas International.

World Environment Day June 5, 2016

World Environment Day celebrated on June 5 is an important UN day, as pointed out on our Servas International Peace Calendar 2016
Let’s take this opportunity to raise awareness among Servas community about the environment and protection of nature, and give more visibility to Servas as a Peace organization.  Indeed it is part of our philosophy as a global peace organization!
Please see document in English and in Spanish

Servas International at the Human Rights Council 31st Session

At the Human Rights Council 31st session, Servas International has submitted a written statement, dealing with the refugee crisis. It takes into account the contribution of Servas members from different countries who went as volunteers at the end of 2015 and early 2016 in Greece and also at the Macedonian border. Servas volunteers from several countries have been on the ground in Lesbos (thanks to donations to purchase much needed items, from children winter gloves and toys to audio system in order to communicate with people within the camp, tables and boxes to sort out donations like clothing, sleeping bags, blankets…). They have been helping the many desperate people fleeing their countries in hope of a safe place to live with their families, many of whom have died along the dangerous journey, including children. Volunteers from Servas Greece, Servas Cyprus and Servas Georgia have stepped in, along with civil society organizations and hundreds of individual volunteers to help manage the influx of people arriving on the Greek Islands. As an organization working towards global lasting peace and understanding through host and traveler programs all over the world, we Servas members are deeply concerned about the human rights situation for those people taking the long, dangerous trail into Europe, as well as about the rising xenophobia, racism and divisions related to the crisis. Servas International will continue to stand strongly against racism and respond to the crisis by pursuing its peace mission of facilitating the coming together of hosts and travelers of any race, creed, sexual orientation, class/caste or nationality.

Servas International 2016 Peace Calendar

The Peace Calendar aims to focus on peace activities developed by Servas members around the world and highlight key UN dates to inspire Servas members to take part in related peace activities in 2016. Lead by the Servas International Peace Secretary, the project is managed by a Servas Brazilian team. Peace Calendar 2016

Servas International UN Involvement - Presentation at SICOGA 2015

At the Servas International Conference (SICOGA) held in New Zealand in October 2015, a team presentation highlighted some of the achievements by Servas volunteers at the United Nations. We believe Servas International involvement at the UN is crucial, as the UN, although perfectible, is the main organization the world has to provide peace and security and prevent war and global environmental degradation. SI UN Involvement presentation

UN Council for Human Rights in Geneva on September 25-26, 2014

The President of Servas International, Jonny Sågänger, participated at the UN Council for Human Rights in Geneva on September 25-26, 2014. You will find his contribution at Jonny Sågänger's contribution. See chapter 59 for his speech.




UN Council for Human Rights in Geneva on September 9, 2013


On September 9, 2013, a small Servas delegation attended the Human Rights Council's 24th Session opening in Geneva, Switzerland, at the Palais des Nations. As well as the two accredited members (from France and Germany) allowed to participate in the main conference room, five Servas members from France and Switzerland heard High Commissioner Navi Pillay's opening speech on the human rights situation worldwide.